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The following are just a few examples of the numerous solutions we have provided to hundreds of Miami Valley businesses.

  • Helped a Real Estate Company move from Kettering to Springboro and keep their “Listed Kettering Phone Number” in Springboro while reducing their monthly expense by 18%.

  • Served a Construction Company by assisting their client, building a new office, with a fractional T1 that provided phone lines and Broadband Internet Access with NO installation or construction charge. This savings contributed to them winning the bid for the job.

  • Saved a school enough money monthly to buy a new leased digital phone system and voice mail with no increase in their monthly expense (a totally free phone system).

  • Assisted a manufacturing plant in installing Broadband Internet Access cost effectively when all other options were unavailable or much too expensive.

  • Saved a large doctor’s office over $400.00 a month in just local calling charges.

  • Reduced a manufacturing plant’s long distance from $480.00 a month to $75.00 a month.

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We proudly represent these fine companies:

VerCom System
Cincinnati Bell

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